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Patients Just Like You

Sherry R“I would like to pass on to you and your staff a sincere thank you for the success and follow up on my bilateral cataract surgery at the Doctor’s Surgery Center. I chose the Tecnis Multifocal Lens. I am completely satisfied with the new lens and am astonished at how well my vision has been corrected. I read without glasses and can see an amazing improvement in my night vision. I highly recommend this lens. Thank you again for taking such wonderful care of me.”

– Sherry R. , RN, CRNA, LNP, Williamsburg, VA

Natalie E“I am writing a follow up to share my thoughts on my experience at the Advanced Vision Institute. I had LASIK surgery on Wednesday, October 10, 2007, and I must say it was nothing like I expected! I must first comment on the overall professionalism of the AVI staff. My very first interaction was with Janet Graham, and she was better than awesome! Her personable disposition and genuine willingness to help immediately won me over. She assured me the procedure would be something I could manage, and it helped to know she had the same surgery done successfully herself.

The initial consultation was impressive too. From the time I entered the building until the moment I left, everyone was efficient, friendly, and willing to offer encouragement for this endeavor in which I was about to embark.

The surgery itself, though a little scary, was quick and simple. Again, everyone was pleasant and did a fantastic job of calming my nerves. What was most meaningful to me was the telephone call I received at home from Dr. Campbell that evening to check on my progress. Calls like this from a doctor are a thing of the past and something I only see in old movies from back in the day! I was happy to report to him that I had minimal discomfort. Short of slight burning and watery eyes, I did not experience any pain or the sensation of sand in my eyes. The actual procedure was completely painless.

I want to thank the entire AVI staff for making my LASIK surgery a rewarding experience. For anyone who is contemplating this procedure, I urge them to consider your facility and know that it’s a first-class operation!”

– Natalie E., Stafford, VA

Debbie A“I would just like to take the opportunity to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help in enabling me to see without glasses or contacts through the LASIK surgery procedure. I had the surgery on November 3rd, 2004, and I can see better now than I have for years!

The decision to have the procedure was really a “no-brainer.” I have been coming to your office for MANY years and knew that I could trust you and your capable assistants. Even when I was told many years ago by another eye doctor that I would NEVER be able to even wear contacts, you took that statement as a challenge and proved it to be entirely wrong. After a few adjustments, I was wearing contacts, and loving every minute of it! But then when I was told that I was finally a candidate for the surgery, I just had to go for it.

The procedure itself is a little “surreal”. One could never expect it to be like that – I’ve described it to many as a kind of “Star Wars” experience but was totally comfortable as you were explaining to me what to expect. I knew that I was in extremely capable hands, and honestly, the thought of being scared never crossed my mind – I just knew that I was going to experience something that I can only explain as a miracle for me.

In talking with all of your assistants (and they ALL are great!), I never told my real reason for wanting so badly to have this done. You see, I became widowed in 1995, and was left with a then 10-year-old son. I have told my son, and my current husband many times that when I die, I want to donate all of my organs EXCEPT my eyes – figured they would be too bad for use to anyone anyway. But the real reason is that I want to be able to see my late husband when I get to heaven… and I KNOW I will be able to now, thanks to all of you.
You and your “team” have given something VERY precious to me, and for that, I will be eternally grateful. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. You are truly a gifted and talented professional, and I am so very thankful our paths crossed.”

-Debbie A., Key West, FL

“I am a retired Mayo Clinic trained ophthalmologist who had a large cataract surgery component in my practice. When the time came for my wife and me to have cataract extractions, I gave much thought to selecting an eye surgeon. I selected Dr. Glenn Campbell at AVI in Williamsburg. He is well trained, intelligent, and a very skilled surgeon who has a high volume surgical practice (this is important). My wife and I have now had both cataracts removed and could not be more pleased with the results. We are thankful a surgeon of such skill practices in Williamsburg.”

– Robert W. Jr. M.D., Williamsburg, VA

“I remember immediately after the surgery… I was able to read the clock across the wall. I am sharing my excitement and success with friends and patients.”

– Sandra H., M.D., Williamsburg, VA

“At the age of 83 my vision had deteriorated, particularly since I lost more than 50% of my left eyesight due to an incident at the age of 62. Since then, depending on one eye only, in 2007 the Advanced Vision Institute gave me a new outlook on life. Following successful surgery, my vision in my remaining right eye is now back to 20/20.

– Hans B., PhD, Williamsburg, VA

“I am still in disbelief of my new incredible vision. I have and will continue to highly recommend you.”

– Michelle B. G., Williamsburg, VA

“It’s so nice to see your child up on stage receiving an award and to see your grandson riding his first bike – at the other end of the street!”

– Joan L., Hampton, VA

“Dr. Campbell has been caring for our eyes since 2000. We both had cataract surgery for both eyes. Naturally, both of us were apprehensive. We followed the doctor’s recommendations and were relieved and astonished at how quickly and smoothly the surgeries went. We were surprised to learn that Dr. Campbell personally phoned all 45 of his patients on the evening after their surgeries.”

– Evelyn S., Williamsburg, VA

“Dr. Campbell and his staff were very caring, knowledgeable, and informative from my first complimentary exam visit. I’m thrilled with not having to wear glasses for the first time in over 45 years. Dr. Campbell recommended mono-vision correction for my eyes. The procedure was very quick and painless.”

– Mary Joanne A., Williamsburg, VA

“I highly recommend AVI’s LASIK procedure. I had one eye corrected at the recommendation of Dr. Campbell and have enjoyed outstanding vision without glasses as a result.”

– Steve S., Williamsburg, VA

“Advanced Vision Institute are doing a very good job of taking care of their patron”

– Adolph N., West Point, VA

“Thank you for making my dream come true!!! The world is so beautiful!!!”

– Sherry M. Yorktown, VA

“You made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and the surgery was as easy as you had told me.”

– Carol B., Williamsburg, VA

“To wake up in the morning and see clearly brings me back twenty years – when I did not have to wear glasses!”

– Dean C., Fairfax, VA